How the "No Spam Solution" was created.

I discovered the Internet in early 2008. I found it to be a place of wonder. At the time, I was an alternative Health Practitioner. The information I found so energized me that I too felt I should start a website online and share with others my experiences in the world of alternative health.

But where do I start? Websites were the final products but how were they created? Not to be stopped by that challenge, I plunged into the wonderful and terrifying world of website creation using Microsoft Frontpage, a free web template and HTML. How proud I was when my "Holistic Health Domain" was finally ready for the net!" Knowing what I know now, that website was the ugliest thing I have ever seen but I had created it. Little ole ME! And little did I know how big the merry go round I had just embarked on was for that online ride.

My next step was to get it online so all the world could enjoy it. Not to be beaten by this next challenge, I forged ahead, bought a hosting service and carefully ventured into Cpanel with questions continuously flashing in my head like a flashing billboard does on the side of the road saying things like "What have you got yourself into now, girl?", or "How will you make sense of all this stuff with no one to teach you?" Well, if others can do it, so can I. It took hours, days and weeks to figure out why some images weren't showing up or why certain links did not go where they were supposed to go or why some tables hid the content or why this didn't work and why that didn't work. Finally, "my baby" was ready for the world to discover.

Trial and error have been my closest and best friends for years. I cherish them since it's because of them that the No Spam Solution is here today. But we'll get to that in a minute. As my knowlege got more advanced in how things worked technically, I realized that getting my site up was only one part of the equation. Incoming emails from lists I had joined talked about monetization. That got me thinking on how I could apply that to my websites. Yes, by now I had several websites out there. You see I love creating. Monetizating was a great idea but I still had no clear process of what that took to make it happen. I'd worry about that later. Let's forge ahead. All I knew was that I needed leads to build a list. The money's in the list right? Here we go again! Turn merry-go-round turn fueled by more "stuff" I had to conquer . However, to build a list I had to have a way to capture the leads. That meant using an autoresponder. Phew! That ride was easy and a short one.

Great! So now I built it and they will come! Wrong! In the mean time, the word SEO reared it's ugly head. What was this search engine optimization everyone was talking about? I had opened up Pandora's box. Round and round we go. Time just flies when you're having fun. Wonderful!

So now that my website was optimized for the seach engines and I had several articles floating around, also well optimized, and I had Squiddo and Hubpages promoting my sites and I had made a few Youtube videos about the subject. Now they will come. They came, but I could have walked to Delaware and back in the time it took me to build a list of 50 email contacts. That just was not acceptable. So where do I find leads? and How do I drive these leads to my website? By this time I had come across certain ads that talked about using tools to make your list building efforts easier.

Since I've always been a bit of a tool nut, after all my husband and I had built our log cabin home and renovated 3 houses, appreciating the value of a good tool that makes short work of a task online was not a big strectch. My favorite tools were email scrapers that collected leads using keywords from places like classifieds, social sites and Google search. This gave me an instant list of contacts but also created a huge problem for me at the same time. I now had thousands of emails and naively thought I could just process them through my hosting company. After all, the hosting email terms said I could send out 500 emails per hour. Little did I know how wrong I was. My very first campaign got my account suspended. That meant none of my websites were being seen to boot. Everything had come full stop. After pleading ignorance to the terms of use posted by my hosting company and promising to never do it again, the suspension was lifted. And I've been a good girl every since. Well, almost. Is there no end to the problems encountered with this online stuff? Not really! But you do get wiser and smarter in your approaches.

Better options had to exist. That's when I was introduced to the world of bulk email services. It took 2 more incidents of getting 2 different hosting accounts shut down to realize what I needed to look for and avoid in choosing a bulk emailer service. With that problem now solved however, I still had the nagging worry of being labeled a spammer. There had to be a better way. Turn wheel turn.

With help from a friend, we picked apart what the CanSpam act required from us in our emails. If done correctly, a bulk emailer is a legitimate tool that can increase your optin rates. Adding to that traffic lead generation method is another no spam solution which I discovered, will add to and now share with you on my No Spam Solution website.

I still am in awe of this wonderful engine that seems to run our world from the clouds. But I am now wearing binoculars for a wider more focused view unaffected by hype and stabilized through trial and error.

Unfortunately, many who are new to the process of starting an online business quit at the very first obstacle they encounter and view the world wide web as their enemy. Knowing that you can avoid the traps by taking the merry-go-round ride only once can make all the difference, unless of course you like to go round and round without a destination in mind. I've stopped the wheel. Sometimes it wants to turn on it's own but I'm holding the break handle steady now. If you let me, I can show you how you can control your ride too.